February 12, 2020


Sudamerica Futsal is proud to announce our first appearance at the 2020 US Youth Futsal National Championship in Kansas City. This prestigious competition takes place on February 14-16, 2020. 17 Sudamerica players are representing the state of Georgia in the 2007 (U13) and 2009 (U11) brackets. Sudamerica Futsal will face the very best futsal players in the country from various states including Kansas, Ohio, Missouri, Oklahoma, Florida, Wisconsin, Virginia, and more. Over 170 teams from 17 states are participating at this event, making it the largest Youth Futsal National Championships in the US!
At Sudamerica, one of our goals as a futsal organization is to provide memorable playing experiences for standout players. These experiences; however, must be earned. Sudamerica Futsal selected players from our latest Winter Futsal training program and accomplished qualifications to the national stage by earning gold (U13) and silver (U11) medals at the 2020 South Atlantic Regional Championship in North Carolina.
Sudamerica Futsal, located in Cumming, GA, has close to 100 quality futsal members in our third year of existence. We are proud of our organization and we are forever thankful to everyone who has helped Sudamerica come this far. Families, players, fans…thank you for giving Sudamerica an opportunity to impact your lives through the amazing game of futsal. See you in Kansas!