We breathe, live, and love the beautiful game and want to share the art of playing with developing players through futsal.

Love What You Do

At Sudamerica Futsal, we want our players to find joy in what they do. The experience through futsal is much different than the one found in soccer. Futsal provides incredible tools to adapt and develop as a player. We want our players to love the game while being reminded of why they are playing.

Meaningful Training

It all begins with creating a personal relationship with the ball. Our training foundation is aimed to develop a unique touch and refine decision making. Our game style is technical and highly focused on the small details.

Creating a Style

Our style-of-play revolves around creativity, patience, and risk-taking. We want to encourage a winning mentality without compromising our identity.

Our Goal

Our goal is to create difference makers through meaningful training and competitive environments. We want our players to build character, think different and build confidence. All while enjoying themselves and the sport of futsal to the fullest.